We create a better workspace that drives innovation.

We offer high-class, modern technological solutions to resolve the complexity and unpredictable nature of the business environment.


Soft Search is a Software Company for Mobile, Web and Custom development Solutions.

We Create Business enviroment that can be intergrated with changing technological advancement, with a mission to increase the productivity of a Business.


Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business

Mobile Applications

We can create a mobile application tool suitable for your business. The mobile apps can be readily downloaded using mobile devices.

Web Applications

Our innovative team can create a unique, custom-based web application system that is desirable for your organization.

IT Solutions

Our company offers tailored, technical IT solutions appropriate for your business needs.


We are inclined to interpret your challenges by providing quality results guaranteed to fully solve your problems.


Jambo SMS

This is a bulk SMS system used to convey communication between the business and their consumers.

The businesses can send messages to all their customers. The messages could be used for after sale services, promoting a new product or providing discounts to a product.



This software is a digital warranty created to link the manufacturers, vendors and buyers in case of a repair or a replacement is needed.

It was created with an aim of revolutionizing the after sale services and providing solutions to the fractured communications between the three parties


Real Estate Manager

Real Estate management software is a system that can maintain property records, collect rent payment, tenants can register their property via phone, track transfer tenants, track debtors, check out tenants and respond to repair and maintenance issues.

This system was designed to create more efficient sales of the realtors and improve communication between the realtors, landlords and tenants.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to assist businesses adapt in this technology environment that is constantly unstable.

We provide realistic and feasible solutions guaranteed to have positive impacts for our clients.

Our vision is to become one of the world class technological
companies that offers software solutions to real world problems.

our mission is to help businesses prosper