Our Culture

Soft Search company limited is a software, web development, mobile applications and
customized technological solutions with a mission to increase the productivity of
businesses and to also create a business

Our Way

How we act

1.Leadership and Mentoring

Our company encourages employees to make decision making and collaborate with all levels of employees. Our company leadership is grounded on providing a culture where every employee is the leader of Softsearch Company. Our CEO and CTO mentors the employees to partake and cooperate on projects, be present during crucial meetings with clients, and formulating strategies that are beneficial to the company.

2.Passion to learn

Softsearch Company is a learning environment that emboldens every level of employees to acquire knowledge while conducting research on the new technologies, difficulties facing the complex external environment, or inquiring about the client’s problem. We hire employees that are open-minded and challenge oriented.

3.Individual development

Softsearch Company is a place that capitalizes on employees’ development. We value our employees in every aspect of their lives whether personal and professional. Our company provides every opportunity for employees to learn and fully self-actualize in their careers.


Our ingenious team of software developers, designers, and business departments work together to create a future that is incorporated with technology. Our teams rely on one another for collaboration for the long term success of the company. We also build a strong functional relationship by providing constructive feedback without diminishing the creativity of their intellectual minds.

5.Diversity and Inclusivity

Our company is built on the principle of diversity and inclusion. We accept all employees regardless of their race, religion, gender, age, and ethnicity.

6.Transparency and Communication

Our company has an open-door policy that provides an ecosystem where every employee is content to ask queries. We are delighted to provide an open conversation and encourage every employee to share information about the company’s problems, opportunities, and progress of software projects with every member of their teams and departments.

Everyday art

Our Philosophy

Our main purpose of forming Softsearch Company is to inspire the young Kenyan generation to innovate technological solutions. We desire to foster their knowledge and creativity to revolutionize new technologies and upgrade current software solutions.

Our company is an environment that relies on integrity that adheres to values such as honesty, responsibility, respect, accountability, and trust.

Our philosophy is to value cross-team collaboration. We encourage our employees to become a united front of problem solvers.