Who We Are

SoftSearch Company is a software, web development, mobile applications and customized technological solutions with a mission to increase the productivity of businesses and to also create a business environment that can easily integrate with the ever changing technological world. We offer solutions to this ever changing, unstable and unpredictable environment for organizations that seek to improve their general operations and productivity with our advanced products.
We also help organizations to have the ability to adapt to technological changes. Softsearch Limited is managed by a group of millennials and Gen Z youths who are visionary, pioneering, open-minded, challenge-oriented, tech-savvy enthusiasts with a goal to positively alter the dynamic of the technological world.

our mission
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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist businesses adapt in this technology environment that is constantly unstable. We provide realistic and feasible solutions guaranteed to have positive impacts for our clients.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the world class technological companies that offers software solutions to real world problems.

Our Story

We have come a long way


2019 June

The beginning The Company was formed on June 2019


2019 October

Real Estate and Jambo SMS The introduction of the Real Estate Management System and Jambo SMS in the marketplace.


2019 November

Research and development The first conceptualization and development of the E-warranty system.


2020 January

Testing The first assessment of the E-warranty system.


2020 February

Launching of the E-warranty The introduction of the E-warranty system in the market.

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2020 June

Establishment of partnerships Our company has established partnerships with Anke, Rebune Kenya and Energizer.